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Dr. Henry Lai, World's Leading Expert On Cell Tower/Phone Radiation

Dr. Henry Lai was quoted in the London Times as saying, "They are asking me to change my whole interpretation of the findings in a way that would make them more favorable to the mobile phone industry. This is what happened in the tobacco industry. They had data in their hands but when it was not favorable they did not want to disclose it."

Dr Henry Lai is a research professor based at the University of Washington’s Bioengineering Department. For more than two decades and with very little fanfare, Dr Lai has been spearheading efforts to understand the health effects of cell phones and tower radiation.

But for all his years of research, Dr Lai can’t offer a definitive answer on whether cell towers pose a risk to human health: "There’s no solid answer but there’s cause for concern."

His research also showed that brain cells suffer genetic damage from the same kind of radiation emitted by cell phones. Such DNA damage is a precursor to cancer.

However, according to Dr Lai, no one has studied the long-term effects of living near cell towers.

He says he will not live next to one himself and worries about exposing young children, whose "cells are still dividing", to the radiation from cell towers.

"It’s difficult. It’s like the beginning of the tobacco lawsuits. It took a long time to establish a cause-and-effect relationship," he says.

"Research is a slow process. Scientists are always conservative, too. Nobody will say, ‘That’s a fact.’"

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